Is Your Weight Going Up and Down?

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Patience and weight loss mix as well as oil and water. Heck, thanks to everything being instant nowadays, most people expect to lose weight as fast as it takes to download a song. Mainstream media coverage doesn’t help either – you can’t risk going to the grocery store without some magazine cover touting a “hey, where have they been?” celebrity on it and their secret weight loss program. The magazine is literally shouting at you to flip through it and discover all these hush-hush diets and workout plans.

To tell the truth, if you really need to want to get in shape, you need practice. Getting in shape, and thus staying in shape, requires skill. It’s like anything else. Want a good golf swing? You need to practice. Need to understand this mindless Minecraft game turning kids into zombies?  Yep –  practice, practice, practice.  Here’s rule #1 – don’t ever take advice from someone who lost weight, had success, and then gained weight back. If they can’t keep it off then they don’t know how they lost it to begin with. If anything, it was probably some luck mixed with a lot of neurotic behavior.

The reason being is two-fold: for one, you have to learn what your body responds to in terms of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Second, you need a radar to see through all the smoke screens. What I mean by this is that you possess an understanding that your weight may flocculate when first adjusting to a new regimen. If you can grasp how much water your body is retaining and understand where nutrients go, then you want freak out if the scale bumps up a pound or two for a day. For instance, people who low carb for several days should follow up with one day where they re-feed carbohydrates into the body. These carbs can then be stored in the muscle for fuel, but will be reflected on the scale with a slight gain in weight. It’s not cause for a meltdown to see that weight gain – the carbs in the muscle will help your metabolism in the long run.

Your best bet for success it to understand body composition and the how much body fat/ muscle you have. Therefore, if you’re losing body fat, and gaining a bit of muscle along the way, then you mine as well use your scale as a paper weight. A 155 pound female at 11% body fat is one in shape woman – and if her boyfriend still tells her she needs to lose weight, then it’s highly suggested she gets a new boyfriend.

Weight loss, or even weight gain for that  matter, is not a linear process.  With the exception of obese/ extremely overweight individuals, the pounds are not just going to come melting off. And if they do, you need to get your body fat percentage checked ASAP so you can make further readjustments with your diet in order to keep the weight off and not simply regain it when your body figures out what you’re doing. As a side note, here’s a hint to get you started: constantly running more and more will not afford you the chance to lose more weight.

The more you can take your emotions out of the weight loss process, the more objective you can be in your food and movement choices. Think of weight loss as a mechanical development and save the emotions for when you reach your goals.



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