It’s Time to Stop Blaming Food

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Diet trends come and go but the concept of blaming foods is really setting us back. Here some dieting advice: be honest about your lifestyle so you can make some serious changes.

I prefer my clients not swear in the studio. I’m a mix of fitness coach and over concerned parent. My job is to hover around the studio making sure my clients squat form is up to snuff while keeping the potty language to a minimum.

In all honesty, I really only have one pet peeve: and that’s the “D” word. It’s far too naughty to be used on the training floor here at Upper Echelon.

By the way, I’m not talking about “d**n.” I could care less if you use that word. The “D” word that’s a big no-no is diet. Now I know what you’re thinking: any personal trainer worth a DARN would love for their clients to use, follow, and abide by the “D” word. But not me.

I once heard that in order to get compliance, you need clarity. Clarity is at a minimum in the world of nutrition because the word diet means something different to everyone.  Say the “D” word and people instantly think of…..

Eating low carbs

Eating low fat

Eating practically nothing at all

Having pizza….once in a while

Never going hungry (hello to the world of bodybuilding)

It’s so crazy that we know have various stables of dieting. There’s a group for keto, vegans, raw foodies and just about anything else you can think of.

These allegiances to various diet camps are forcing people to miss the big picture: your lack of fitness has more to do with your habits then it does for fighting for Team Paleo. I’m finding more and more that people are blaming foods rather than their daily routines. Like it or not, your health and fitness is going to come down to the sum of your lifestyle choices rather than that one slice of bread you had last night.

                Ironically, most diet talk goes out the window because people are drastically unaware of their food choices. As the kids use to say, people aren’t “keeping it real.” Clients end up blaming things like carbs, when in reality, their way off on what they’re doing day to day.

 Don’t believe me? Check this out:

                90% of Americans believe breakfast is the most important meal, yet less than 50% actually eat it

                73% of Americans believe their fiber intake is up to snuff……yet those 73% only get in half the fiber they should

                75% of men above the age of 50 get less than 5 servings of vegetables a day. You don’t eve what to see the stat for a 20 year old

                Research shows that people are sometimes 50% off their calorie intake. If you thought you ate 2,000 calories, you could have actually consumed 3,000!

                7% of Americans get ½ cup of whole grains per day – which is the bare minimum. Yet 93% of us get over a cup of refined carbs – chips, crackers, and crap – each day. No wonder we’re all pointing our fingers and carbs.

                Let’s be honest too. Most of us don’t workout enough, eat enough whole foods, cook at home frequently, and get good sleep. Starting with your habits is the best place to start. Rather than labeling foods as good or bad, it’s probably time to start looking in the mirror and accepting that your priorities could use a little nudge towards good health. Relax though – it doesn’t require an overhaul of your entire lifestyle. Let’s start:

Getting in at least 4 hours of structured exercise a week (every week)

                Eating out once every two weeks

                Cooking more proteins at home

                Eating more fruits and vegetables

                Chewing slowly

                Going to bed between 10 and 11 pm

                Start with this stuff first. Then I bet those pesky carbs won’t be so bad after all.  

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