Loosen Up Those Tight Hips

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Tight hips is a big no-no in the performance world. Expect your athletic abilities to be very limited if your hip sockets are cranky. In fact, overall quality of life can be pretty low unless you can loosen up your hips.

                As a society that does a lot of sitting, our hips are suffering. Key muscles, like your glutes (which is science talk for your tushy), tend to get very weak. For every action is a reaction: the weaker your glutes get, the tighter other muscles will become. Most notably the hip flexors, which is a collection of six muscles that sit in the front of your body around your upper thighs. So pairing the weak muscles with other, constricted muscles spells big trouble for you. As a result you can experience knee, hip, and back pain and possibly suffer an injury.

                A good personal trainer is a “body-problem solver.” If the dilemma is weak hips, then step one is to strengthen the weak muscles  with specific exercises – but that’s a problem for another day. Let’s keep our focus on those tight muscles.  This video will discuss a specific mobility drill you can use to keep your hips flexible.  

                To get the most of out of your efforts, you don’t just want to do these stretches mindlessly. Your flexibility is dependent on your brain communicating with your muscles on what is deemed as a safe range of motion. One way to do this is to keep your nervous system in check with consistent breathing patterns. Meaning that you should be taking a big inhale before each stretch and then exhaling through the stretch. The key is to make sure you stay relaxed and find your inner chi. Enjoy the gains!

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