So….you want to figure out your metabolic rate?

You can use these calculators and just plug in your personal information. Forget all those apps and other devices – our calculators are based on peer reviewed research, so you can expect them to be relatively accurate. Best of all? You have a face to your fitness knowledge. So if you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email and ask away!

Activity Guidelines

Very Light Activity: 1-2 Days of Walking/Light recreational activity
Light Activity: 2-3 Days of Walking or Jogging/Sports (swimming, basketball, tennis, etc)
Moderate Activity: 3-4 Days of Running or Cycling/Circuit Training/Resistance Training
Vigorous Activity: 3 Days of Sprints/Hills/Heavy Resistance Training/High Volume Resistance Training

If you don’t know your body fat…

If you do know your body fat…