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Northville Private Personal Training Studio

Need private personal training in Northville?

Here’s what you’ll experience at our private personal training studio near Northville:

  • You’ll burn body fat. Clients lose an average of 2.5% bodyfat per month.
  • Your clothes will fit differently. Dropping around 5.5 pounds a month (once again, just an average) you’ll also shave an inch off your waist in your first four weeks.
  • You’ll get strong too! Most clients increase their strength by 22% in their first month and a half. Those jars of peanut butter won’t be so hard to open anymore!
  • Want to know the coolest thing of all? Friends and family will start to notice all the changes you’ve made. We can’t promise they’ll tag along with you in your journey, but you’ll definitely be turning heads.

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Upper Echelon Fitness and Performance (UEFP)

As a family-owned private personal training studio, we thought it important to keep the personal in personal training. We’ve made our facility 100% private so you can get the attention that you need. You’re more than just a one-hour session here at Upper Echelon. We know hiring a Northville private personal trainer is a serious investment for your health. It can also be a bit nerve racking. We’ll tell you exactly what to expect from UEFP and our fitness training approach. And don’t worry – no drill sergeants here. We left our fatigues and whistle at home.

Need group private personal training?

If you need private one-on-one fitness training, we have you covered. However, our private personal training studio near Northville can accommodate two to four people working out at once. If you have friends who are interested, they’re more than welcome to share your training journey. We do have clients who inquire about private group fitness training, so it’s possible to match up with other people as well.

Here’s what you can expect from you group exercise class experience:

  • You’ll lose weight. Our personal training clients aim for 1-2 pounds of bodyfat dropped per week. Our goal is to shed bodyfat, not just weight. So you burn the fat while keeping the muscle.
  • Your clothes will fit differently. While some clients have lost two inches off their waist in their first 30 days, the studio averages a one inch lost in the first month. Either way, you’ll be rocking a new wardrobe in no time.
  • Stamina will improve. UEFP’s group training specializes in different forms of conditioning by exposing your body to numerous stressors. In a nutshell, your body will be better at getting work done faster.

One of the biggest benefits is the group itself. While we can’t make any promises, we’ve actually paired up complete strangers who ended up becoming pretty good friends.

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Private Personal Training 48167