One of the Best Ways to Boost Metabolism

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                Do you want to know the best workout to boost metabolism? Unfortunately, there isn’t one – so the jokes on you. Just kidding; in fact, it’s often said that the best workout is the one that you’re not doing.  As you’ll see, one of the ways to keep your metabolism on fire is to make sure that the body is never comfortable. This doesn’t mean that each workout should induce thoughts of seeing your lunch, it’s just that we don’t want to get stuck in the rut of doing the same thing over and over again.

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I often tell clients that everyone works, just not forever. It seems like a blow off statement, but it’s very true.  If you take the average couch potato and have them do something, anything, then of course change is going to occur. It pains me to say this, but it doesn’t really matter how scientific the program is for the couch potato because they went from absolutely zero stimulation to some movement. Just getting up and moving is one of the best ways to boost metabolism.

However, as the couch potato advances and continues to move, the same things that worked during week 1 will not work anymore. This principle applies to anyone and everyone; even the most advanced lifter cannot rely on “one program” to continue to see success from training. In fact, the more experience you have on the training floor, the more variation you need to apply to what you’re doing.  This is where a good coach can make use of rest periods, tempo, and movement prescriptions to help induce change.

If you need some help, here’s a way to organize a workout:

Pick A  Squat: try a front, goblet, back….

Pick a Press: Bench, overhead, push…

Pick a Hinge: Think some form of deadlift here

Pick an Explosive Movement: Try a box jump or medicine ball slam


As long as you’re not trying to lift superman weights every workout, you won’t really run the risk of overtraining.  If you notice too, all of these movements involve more than one muscle: which means that your metabolism will work overtime from all the muscles involved. Lastly, all the variety in movements should help fight off boredom.

With that being said, there are some workouts that are better at increasing metabolism. As a general rule, low intensity aerobics and extremely light weights won’t do a whole lot for revving up that metabolic rate. However, training is encompassed around the principles of what movements you use, the load you lift (how heavy the weight is), the rest you take inbetween sets, and the tempo with how you lift the weight.

However, you can’t forget about the other side of the coin, which is the diet. All the hard training in the world won’t help you if you’re favorite hobby is raiding the fridge at 3 am or doing arm curls with a beer can. This leads into our last point: that the workout is only one hour of your day, while you can spend the other 23 hours potentially destroying your metabolism. Don’t focus so much on one individual workout but instead on the big picture to boost that metabolism.


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