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Personal trainer testimonials can help make up the back bone of any successful training business. Of course, before and after pictures can help, but sometimes words can carry more weight (no pun intended) than pictures, especially when the testimonial is thoughtful and from the heart of a client. The only way to make sure that the client is being authentic is to ensure that the trainer gives each client their very best. It takes time to become an effective personal trainer, so good testimonials usually come from months, and even years, of dedicated service to the client.

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Here are some of UEFP’s personal trainer testimonials:

I’ve already seen results in the short time that I’ve been personal training with Marc, like an increase in strength and my total body form is better. I enjoy the way that Marc teaches each move, it’s like I understand it so much better that I couldn’t do it the wrong way again. Marc is a true professional: always counting down each move with you, letting you know what’s coming next, making sure that you are feeling good… He’s also enthusiastic about what he’s doing and he cheers you on the whole way! I’d highly recommend Upper Echelon!      -Amy P

I have had the incredible pleasure and experience of working with Marc Pogorzelski as my personal trainer now for 3 weeks. I chose Marc because I had just had two partial knee replacements and I knew only his experience and education would be the right fit to get me moving in the right direction again.He has great knowledge of body mechanics, muscle function and is capable of determining the individual abilities of his clients. With his experience in physical fitness, he can adjust his exercise programs to any age group — including my own. His pleasant and positive attitude is a great asset to his willingness to work with his clients at their own levels. He instills confidence and encouragement to make you want to work further and apply yourself more diligently. I highly recommend Marc to anyone out there who would like to “train the RIGHT way! -Kelly P

I can’t recommend this studio and Marc enough. Marc is a great personal trainer and amazed me with his common sense but effective approach to fitness, weight loss, and overall health. He makes you work…but you understand exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing. And the results prove it, he really knows his stuff! The studio is great because it’s a one on one experience. A gym with a lot of people has always been intimidating to me…but here at Upper Echelon, I feel super comfortable. The quality of the equipment, environment, and expertise is awesome.-Lea E

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