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  • I have had the incredible pleasure and experience of working with Marc Pogorzelski as my personal trainer now for 3 weeks. I chose Marc because I had just had two partial knee replacements and I knew only his experience and education would be the right fit to get me moving in the right direction again. I had trained with Marc previously and got stuck due to my knees so I was happy he had started his own business! He has great knowledge of body mechanics, muscle function and is capable of determining the individual abilities of his clients. With his experience in physical fitness, he can adjust his exercise programs to any age group -- including my own. His pleasant and positive attitude is a great asset to his willingness to work with his clients at their own levels. He instills confidence and encouragement to make you want to work further and apply yourself more diligently. I highly recommend Marc to anyone out there who would like to "train the RIGHT way!"

    Kelly P
  • I've already seen results in the short time that I've been personal training with Marc, like an increase in strength and my total body form is better. I enjoy the way that Marc teaches each move, it's like I understand it so much better that I couldn't do it the wrong way again. Marc is a true professional: always counting down each move with you, letting you know what's coming next, making sure that you are feeling good... He's also enthusiastic about what he's doing and he cheers you on the whole way! I'd highly recommend Upper Echelon!

    Amy P
  • Really good training/trainer that managed to make me stronger and drop quite a few pounds. Digging how I look and I like the private studio too!

    Max S
  • I can't recommend this studio and Marc enough. Marc is a great personal trainer and amazed me with his common sense but effective approach to fitness, weight loss, and overall health. He makes you work...but you understand exactly why you're doing what you're doing. And the results prove it, he really knows his stuff! The studio is great because it's a one on one experience. A gym with a lot of people has always been intimidating to me...but here at Upper Echelon, I feel super comfortable. The quality of the equipment, environment, and expertise is awesome.

    Lea E
  • I started with Marc 4 months the ago. My initial goal was to lose weight. I have met my incremental weight loss goals and learned to eat better to increase metabolism and have more energy. I have lost at least 2 pant sizes and am gaining muscle (not bulk necessarily). I have lifted more weight and learned new exercises than I ever could going it alone. Marc is very encouraging and holds me accountable to our plans by checking in throughout the week. Some trainers think that feeding off your insecurities will get them another month, not Marc. His positive and professional environment and coaching are what keep me there. Having him as a personal trainer is an investment in me and my healthy future. I highly recommend Marc and Upper Echelon.

    Kelly G
  • Marc's knowledge of strength, conditioning, and nutrition is beyond awesome. Highly recommend him to anyone getting ready for MMA fights, BJJ tournaments, or physique shows

    A Wong
  • I'd highly recommend Upper Echelon Fitness to anyone. Whether your goal is to lose weight, or in my case to gain weight and muscle mass, Marc is the only one I'd trust as my personal trainer. He helps create personal workout and meal plans, and on top of that gives the motivation you need to reach your goals.

    Owen S
  • I'm happy to have the opportunity here to thank Marc for helping me over the past 1.5 + years to feel stronger and healthier at 53 than i have felt in the past 20 years. My stamina, strength, balance and even my golf game has dramatically improved. I have never trained before Upper Echelon and from the stories I have heard from friends and colleagues I am sure that Marc's company was the best choice I could have made.

    Bradley P
  • "UPPER ECHELON " is the perfect name for Marc and his studio. I have just signed up for a second time after taking a number of months off. I could not find anyone or anyplace that offered the same level of enthusiastic, science based training from a friendly, knowledgeable instructor in a clean, well equipped setting as Marc does. Also very accommodating on scheduling!

    J Muller
  • As a complete novice to fitness, I wanted to learn from a professional, but was a bit intimated by the idea of a personal trainer. Marc has been amazing and put all my hesitation at ease. He is very knowledgeable and makes sure to explain why certain movements are necessary and how they affect the body. He is also very good at modifying routines when necessary. Unlike other trainers I have seen, Marc is very detail-oriented. He will diligently make sure your form is correct before moving forward with the exercise and will closely monitor your trouble areas, which is very important in preventing injury. I've really enjoyed working with Marc so far. He knows exactly when to push harder and when to encourage me when I am doubting myself. You can tell that Marc is genuinely interested in all his clients. He is always willing to meet to discuss nutrition and very speedy with responding to emails. I think Marc lets his expertise speak for itself and is not one to push you for more sessions. I would highly recommend checking him out!

    Karen S
  • Marc really knows what he's doing. I am training to be a better golfer, and Marc's specialized training for my sport is just awesome. I am already seeing a major improvement in just a couple weeks.

    Michael V
  • Marc’s passion for training and wellness is very evident in his approach to his clients. As he guides them in their training, he also educates them as to how their body responds to the exercise. This approach helps the clients understand the fundamentals as they begin to see results – it’s very much “interactive”. What impresses me about Marc is his dedication in making his clients’ goals his own. He gets to know the client; he knows when they can advance in their training, he knows when to show patience, when to encourage, and most importantly, how to listen to the individual. Even with Marc’s vast knowledge and education, he remains someone down to earth and a pleasure to work with! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him as a personal trainer. You will succeed!

    Maryann P
  • UEFP and Marc are truly one of a kind! I was worried about being intimidated as I am not a body builder or athlete. Marc makes you feel at home and takes you one step at a time. He builds confidence in you and teaches you how to slowly modify your lifestyle without crazy diet changes and techniques you don't understand. I lost many inches and pounds, and used those sessions to de-stress after a tough day. What you can accomplish with a REAL personal trainer in one hour has blown my mind, and has been worth every dime! The meal suggestions, awesome recipes, and excellent communication are a real plus you can't get with group fitness classes. I would absolutely recommend Marc and UEFP to anyone who wants to de-stress, gain confidence, and become strong and healthy!! You would be a fool to pass him up!

    Audrey W
  • Marc is the real deal. He is very knowledgeable, and will push you beyond your mental and physical limits. There's no question Marc knows exactly how to train you to get the most out of your body and mind to achieve your goals. Whether that be lose weight, gain weight, gain mass, gain strength, whatever your goal is, Marc can help you get there. Add to that that he teaches you exactly how to get your nutrition under control. The best part about working with Marc is how insightful he is. You learn just being there. He is so careful to explain what you are doing and why. He is always respectful and gets the best from you every workout. The real magic is I have lost almost 2 lbs a week while eating more (better, just more of it) and getting stronger. Throw in that my once high blood pressure is now back under control. Working out with Marc and Upper Echelon is one of the best decisions I’ve made in years. Better health, better fitness and a better life.

    Mark LaVelle

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