Proper Lunge Form

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                The lunge is a great accessory exercise to compliment your squat. The issue though is that most people don’t lunge properly. Let’s fix that by learning good lunge form.

                As a personal trainer, I can tell you that this movement is the one that clients tend to get wrong – whether intentional or not. Sure, things like a snatch or a front squat are highly technical and take time to dial in on the form.  But a lunge is a new client’s first step towards “trainee.” It’s their first technical challenge they have to master.  Since it’s so demanding on the body, it’s quite possible for people to take shortcuts and start to develop some really bad habits (like using a short range of motion).

                This invites the possibility of injury, or at least a nagging pain from lunging the wrong way. And once you experience an injury during training, it can be awful tempting to avoid that exercise all together. The lunge is a primary human movement. As I type this my two year old daughter is lunging over her toys. If you’re doing them right, then they shouldn’t cause pain.

If you can get the movement down, the lunge will benefit you immensely. As stated prior, it’s a great assistance exercise to help build up your squat. Of course, it’s a powerful tool in the body composition camp, as it can help pack on muscle as well as crank up that metabolism so you burn some fat. This video can help you clean up your lunge form.

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