Hi there!

Yes – I have another form for you to fill out. I like my clients to break a mental sweat as well!

This time, we’re going to look at your ‘readiness for change.’ This gives me an idea of how perceptive you are to make adjustments to your lifestyle – whether it be the foods you eat or what time you go to bed.

The more aggressive the pace of change, the faster the results will come. But that’s only if you can keep up. Faster isn’t always better and the key here is to select a pace that keeps results coming week in and week out. So don’t think we need to make changes overnight.

To be honest with you, every client is different. Some come to the studio ready to do a cartwheel if I ask. Others will kick and scream over eating a spoonful of broccoli. Neither approach is better than the other.

People are pretty skeptical when they hear me say this. The common response is “why would someone spend money to get in shape and then not listen?” Well, because change is difficult. At some point you’re not going to follow everything I say and that’s okay – you’re human. I do it too. More often than not, my wife has great advice for me but I think I know everything – so I don’t listen.

The purpose of this form is to figure out where you’re at in terms of change. This helps develop my approach so you’re comfortable coming to the studio. There’s no wrong answer here and your level of interest in fitness can change over time.

This form gives me one of three approaches to take with you.

If you scored low, you’re just not completely ready for a lifestyle overhaul. And that’s cool. I’ll provide a slow and steady approach that allows you to control the pace.

Scoring in the middle means you’re on the fence. You’re probably frustrated at some things but serious change makes you nervous. I’ll have to closely monitor everything we do and make adjustments on the fly.

If you scored high, you’re probably ready for a somewhat aggressive approach. Above all else, we can focus your program on measurable results.