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  • Is There a Best Form of Exercise?

                     Thinking in absolutes is a sure way to get in trouble. Well, at least get stuck in stagnation. When it comes to training, if you always think in terms of black and white, you’re results will run into a brick-wall. There’s a saying in …

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  • Exercising During a Brutal Winter

    I’m sitting on the couch writing out this blog post and it’s minus 4 degrees out. Now, I grew up in Michigan, and I use to spend my winter outside playing endless hours of pond hockey but I just can’t stand being outside right now. …

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  • Stressed Out 2

    That Pesky Free Online Workout You Found

    I joked in a recent blogpost about how free online workouts are searched more often than simply online workouts. I followed that comment up with the statement that you get what you pay for. I received a few questions about what could possibly be the …

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  • Treadmills

    Running and Weight Loss Don’t Always Go Hand in Hand

    Running and weight loss are no where near the combination of, say, peas and carrots. In fact, they can sometimes mix as well as oil and water. Although everyone’s “go to” exercise for weight loss, running isn’t what you think it is when it comes …

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  • Female Sprinter

    Busy? Try Interval Training Routines for Weight Loss

    Having a tight schedule shouldn’t be an excuse for a lack of training. Running a business, meetings, spending time with my wife, staying up on research – one could say I’m a busy dude. But I can’t expect my clients to work harder than me …

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  • Basketball

    Can you play sports to get in shape?

    There’s an old saying amongst strength coaches and it goes like this: “You do not play sports to get in shape – you get in shape to play sports.” I love sports as much as the next guy or gal. The science nerd in me …

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  • Bored At Gym

    Home Gym Equipment: The Bad, the Ugly, and the Just Plain Terrible

    I spent a majority of my childhood glued to professional wrestling. We’re not just talking Hulk Hogan here; if there were a small time promotion on some obscure channel at 2 am, I watched it. The explosion of wrestling in the late 90’s meant that …

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  • Super Chick

    Weight Loss Workouts For Stay at Home Moms

    I spent the last few months as an Undergraduate student counting down the days until I could work with athletes and strongmen. I thought that the best clients were simply those who were good at exercise and were always motivated. I envisioned barbells stacked with plates and …

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  • Superhero Shirt

    Best Workouts While Traveling for Work

    I spent my late teens and early twenties going through a GQ phase. Besides reading the magazine, I tried to carry myself as a professional as much as possible, and I envisioned the days of being a successful and busy executive. You know the whole …

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