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  • Virtual Heart

    Circuit Training for Heart Health

    Contrary to popular theory, aerobics is not the only way to improve heart health. The usual prescription for “how to reduce blood pressure” usually involves some form of low intensity walking, cycling, or jogging. Keep in mind that an elevated heart rate is exactly that …

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  • Try Magnesium for Heart Health

    The body loves magnesium. While it’s just listed as a simple mineral and we think nothing of it, it’s used in over 300 reactions in the body such as regulating body temperature and maintaining a proper pH balance.   This is important because you don’t want …

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  • 7 Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep

    I get a lot of questions on how to lose weight. People want to know the latest fad, the secret food, and how hard their need to train. I appreciate the enthusiasm for intense training, but the hardest workout in the world will actually cause …

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  • Belly Fat and Diabetes

    Having a lot of belly fat is pretty undesirable to just about anyone, but what’s happening on the outside tells us of a much bigger picture of the inside. Having a large waistline is a component of the metabolic syndrome: which is the crossroads where …

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  • Natural Anti Aging with Food

    Training is great for you, but like everything else, things need to be taken in moderation.  Exercise is a stress, and too much of that stress can wreak havoc on your body. For those who train frequently, and participate in a lot of endurance activities …

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  • Stress Meter

    Can Stress Cause Weight Gain?

    Want to hear about the craziest day ever? Way back when I was an undergrad student, I did some dinky work for a medical records facility. I worked early in the morning so I could attend my afternoon classes. I got done with work by …

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  • Superhero Couple Blue 3

    Making the Commitment to Exercise

    Mark Rippetoe probably said it best when he stated the following: “Exercise is not a thing we do to fix a problem – it is a thing we must do anyway, a thing without which there will always be problems.” It’s a fine quote. No, …

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  • Turkey

    Ideas for Thanksgiving Dinner: Just Let Loose!

    What’s your favorite holiday? Mine is Thanksgiving. I simply love the holiday. Compared to the others, it’s relatively low maintenance. Christmas has become so commercial and hectic that Thanksgiving is a nice chill out holiday that actually lets you enjoy the food. True story: I …

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  • The Many Benefits of CoQ10

    Your heart never stops working. Of course, you know that or else you wouldn’t be able to read this. But your heart beats around 100,000 times a day. Imagine flexing your biceps that many times and imagine how much pain you would be in the …

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  • Does the Best Diet Plan Actually Exist?

                            Does the perfect diet exist? Well, technically yes. If you experiment long enough, you will find what diet works best for you; the problem with this is that the Average Joe/Jane has to sift through a whole ton of information from people promoting what …

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