The Best Gym in Michigan?

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A purpose of a gym is to get you in shape. Quite a shocking statement, isn’t it? Believe it or not, gyms use to be designed for three goals in mind: to either get people strong, lean, or able to perform. Yep, just those principles produced some really strong people who couldn’t be distracted with getting a sandwich after their workout or taking a 45 minute shower.

Many gyms built today are based off as many tactical diversions as possible. No one ever goes into a gym and asks, “Hey, how many people that train here can squat 315?” No, instead a potential customer is led around the gym and quickly shown all the features (the free weight area, how many treadmills there are, the pool , the sauna, etc.)  Even if squatting 315 isn’t you goal, you should want to train at a place where people go to get in shape, right? These leads to a question: where’s the best gym in Michigan? Well, I can’t say. But I can tell you what to look for.

This means that if your gym is equipped with leather couches, hair dryers, and tanning booths, then you don’t belong to a gym. Would you go to a martial arts studio where no one there is any good? Would you learn art from a guy who couldn’t draw? I didn’t think so.  All these gimmicks are meant to lure you into buying a membership because you’re attracted to the features of the facility and not the benefits. Do you want to get in shape or do you want to pay 100 dollars a month for a bunch of broken exercise machines and a massage from Ricardo?

A big thank you goes to Ken Poucket of The Wholistic Revolution ( for sparking this on his company’s Facebook page. With that being said, here are some things to look for when it comes to scoping out a legitimate training center:

– Racks. Lots and lots of racks. Racks allow the user to squat, push, and pull things, which allows our body to adapt to movements, not muscles.

-Barbells/Dumbbells/Bumper Plates – As Ke has described on his website, a lone barbell gives you around 30 different movements that you can utilize in a training program.

-Medicine Balls/Kettlebells – Essential for force development and conditioning. Most gyms have a very small supply because they don’t look as glamorous as juice bar. If you took your “spa” money and skipped on the low quality, over priced shake served at the gym, you could buy a medicine ball each week of the month.

-Space for sprints/sleds/strongman stuff – Instead of taking up space with over-sized treadmills, you would want adequate space for sprinting or doing sled work. Once again, these things are what humans are meant to do. For one tenth of the price of a treadmill, you could buy a sled and some good running shoes and get in far better shape.

Now, before you email me and ask how I forgot to mention treadmills, ellitpicals, televisions, and a rock garden, look over the list again. Everything mentioned has nothing to do with being tied down to a machine and connected to some electronic gizmo with flashing lights.  If you choose to invest in a gym, choose wisely because you may end up paying high fees for stuff that may actually be getting you farther from your fitness goals.



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