The Best Personal Trainer in Detroit?

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Upper Echelon Fitness and Performance is always striving to be the best. In fact, our goal for 2015 is to become the best personal trainer in Detroit. Well, our studio is located on the border of Novi and Wixom, so you could argue that we want be the best personal training studio in Metro-Detroit, but you get the idea.

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Being the best isn’t easy, and staying on top is even more of a test. But we here at UEFP thrive on challenges, and we would like to contend that we’re always thinking “outside the box.” For one, we love to experiment we ourselves to see what training and nutrition protocols would actually work with our clients.  In one of our Personal Training in Michigan Before and After series, we conducted a trial in which one of our clients managed to lose 5 pounds during the Christmas holiday. Actually, the client literally started the program the week of Christmas, still ate what she wanted during the holidays, and dropped a percent body fat in the process. Pretty sweet, huh?

But being the best doesn’t just mean focusing on trial and error. Here are some of the reasons why UEFP feels it can sky rocket to the top of the mountain here in Detroit:

  1. Understanding of the sciences – a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and Master’s Degree in Applied Performance Physiology helps us comprehend how the body responds to exercise.
  2. Understanding of the art….of working with people- Who responds to what and how they will respond is key to applying knowledge. 10 years of experience in the field allows that to happen.
  3. It’s a profession – Personal training is a service, and it’s our goal to main a quality of professionalism when working with you. We treat your schedule and time with respect and personal training works best when those feelings are mutual.
  4. Outcome based decision making – Is what we’re doing working? We don’t have all the answers, but we’ll work hard at trying to figure out what does work. We do this by recording everything we do and measuring. If it’s working, we keep it doing. If not, we make small adjustments.
  5. Coaching is key – Becoming a great fitness coach takes time. Learning effective communication, listening, and helping find the specific motivators that work with each individual are the backbone of any successful training business.

Best personal trainer in Detroit? We’re not there yet, but we feel like we’re closing in.


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