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Give EMOM workouts a try.

If you haven’t tried EMOM workouts, you’re definitely missing out. While they don’t follow traditional set/rep protocols, EMOM’s literally scream ‘hard training.’ It’s this brutal format that can get you stronger, build muscle, or even lose body fat. EMOM workouts are very versatile in what they can accomplish. You just have to be willing to do the hard work – so make sure you bring a towel and a lot of grit with you when you start. As a personal trainer, it’s one of my go-to protocols, so I figured I should share it with the masses.

EMOM stands for every minute on the minute. Rather than trying to do 4 sets of bench presses, you simply set a timer and perform a set at the start of every minute. So a 12 minute workout requires that you knock out 12 sets. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Well, the clock is always running, so when you get done with your set, whatever time remaining is your rest. A set of 5 reps doesn’t seem so bad until you find out it takes you 25 seconds to complete and you only get 35 seconds to catch your breath before you have to go again. By the fifth round, sweat will be dripping in your eye. By your eighth set you’ll be questioning your sanity, and you’ll pretty much want someone to back a dump truck over you should you choose to go beyond ten minutes.

In order to be effective, an entire move should be used for a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 20. Reps can vary from 1 to 4; obviously strength will be lower in the reps (trying to do a heavy deadlift for 4 reps every minute might not be the best idea). With small muscle groups like biceps, you might get away with 5 or 6 reps. 2 reps might not seem like much, but deadlift 405 and you’ve just pulled that weight for 20 reps total in ten minutes.

Here’s a couple of examples of several types of EMOM workouts.

Olympic Lifting

Full Snatch (85% of 1RM)- 10 x 1, 10 minutes

Deadlift Workout

Deadlift from blocks (90% of 1RM)- 12 x 2, C/E 12 minutes

Mass Gain Workout 

A1. Back Squat- (80% of 1RM)- 8 x 4, S/E

A2. Chin Up – 8 x 4, S/E (16 minutes total, 8 sets for each move).


The possibilities are quite endless- that’s what makes the workouts so fun. It’s hard to get bored with EMOM workouts – and it’s also difficult to not be challenged with this brutal format.


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