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Eating to get in shape can be really complicated……or simple. I contend that life is crazy enough so let’s keep things trouble free. For those looking to shed a few pounds and feel better, I give you the ‘easy diet.’

Most personal training clients are looking to clean up their life. They’re not concerned with winning a bodybuilding show or capturing gold at the Olympics. Certainly nothing wrong those goals – I’d take a gold medal sitting on my mantel- but they kind of take over your whole life. Unless you have sponsors to support your income while you workout, it’s best to tone down your aspirations.

The average client wants to drop a few pounds while not feeling so drained come the evening. While this is not as complex as the regimen of an Olympian, it does present its own roadblocks. Trying to figure out how to eat, even for general health, has become a pain in the “you know what.” You’d have better luck establishing world-wide peace than figuring out how to eat for your well-being.

Thanks to social media, we now have a massive influx of Instagram warriors and Facebooks posts crowding up our newsfeed. All these updates are battling for your attention with their warnings of don’t eat this, don’t think about that, and don’t you dare even touch that carb. It’s all kind of confusing for anyone new to the fitness game.

We’ve entered an era to where any and all food is bad for you: meat, carbs, fruit – you know name it. Diets have become so restrictive that people are living off of tree bark and twigs; we’re all kind of wandering around like lethargic zombies in The Walking Dead.

This is the reason as to why I’ve changed my approach with clients; I’m taking the opposite route of your favorite YouTuber and I’m telling you to focus less on limiting everything.

So that’s why I think the easy diet works so well. Rather than zeroing in on all the things you shouldn’t be eating, the easy diet focuses on what you SHOULD be consuming.  Think of it as a solution focused approach rather than a problem orientated one.

Now, will this way of eating get you veins in your abs and allow you to make millions modeling underwear? No. You’d need a more aggressive approach. But earning a living as a model is over-rated. Instead, start eating this way so you can look, and more importantly, feel better. Trust me – it’s easy.

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