I would have liked to have reached out under better circumstances. I’ve talked to many former clients and for the most part, you guys seem to be doing well. Glad that we’re getting through this.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit everyone – UEFP included. My last day at the studio was March 14. Yes, I remember the date. (And you guys thought I was just some mean guy who made you squat. I can be sentimental). In the meantime, I’ve kept the studio cleaned, talked about workouts you can do while quarantined, and counted down the days till I could open again. I even revamped my approach.

That day is coming: May 29th to be exact. I’m excited to get back to normal but also cautious. This is uncharted territory for everyone and I want to do my best to create a safe environment for everyone to work out in.

Luckily, what works in our favor is that the studio is private and there’s only going to be one client in there at a time. I’ve set up other protocols too: like wearing a mask while doing measurements, keeping the bay door open, and staggering clients to get plenty of time to clean equipment before the next person.

From the feedback I received from many of you, there were two different responses to being under lockdown: you either had no place to train, or working out on your own just didn’t cut it for you.

In order to give you a guys a safe place to train, I’d like to extend an offer to only my former clients. It’s pretty simple. Sign up, and….

  • You’ll get two weeks of training on the house
  • During those two weeks, you can come to the studio as often as you’d like

I’ve done this long enough to know that in times like these, things like fitness get pushed to the backburner. I’m trying to prevent that. I hope that you guys weren’t hit too hard by this pandemic, so that’s why I’d like to extend it though the end of July. That way, if you do need some time to get back on your feet, coming to the studio can still be an option. So if July 1st comes around and you’d like to come back, the offer is still good.

You all know you can reach me at marc@iamupperchelon.com should you be interested. Regardless, please stay in touch. I enjoy hearing from you guys. In the meantime, stay safe and here’s to getting back to normal!