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Here at UEFP, clients have a love/hate relationship with metabolic finishers. Before I go on, maybe I should clarify what these routines are for those not in the know: a metabolic finisher is something tacked on to the end of a workout to improve conditioning and give the metabolism a boost. They can be used to enhance athletic performance or help a client burn some fat while trying to get stronger. Think of them similar to HIIT: you’re doing a ton of work in a short amount of time. These finishers are also a mental challenge you have to grit your teeth through.

Hence the polarizing relationships clients have with them: on one hand, you have this crazy workout that will make your face redder than a tomato. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: clients always feel better after the finisher is over. It’s definitely a “I just rolled my sleeves up and accomplished something” feeling. Sometimes it’s not the actual finisher that causes weight loss, but the huge boost in confidence a client gets that allows them to work harder in the weeks to come.

So I’m pulling out the little black book of training secrets here at UEFP and giving you some of our more effective metabolic finishers.

  1. The Kettlebell Ladder- The kettlebell is a great tool – no matter how conditioned a client, it always causes a huge “after burn” following the workout. Take something like a kettlebell swing and pair it with a move – like a push up or goblet squat. Pick a number, like 10 reps, and then work your way down to 9,8,7….and eventually 1 rep. Go back and forth between each move: the workout is over when you finish 1 rep of each. It looks easy on paper, but be prepared to have lungs that feel like they’re on fire.
  2. Battle Ropes/Rower- The rower is enough of a conditioning tool, but pairing it with battle ropes makes a nasty duo. The trick is to spend just a bit of time at each station – spending too much time on the rower will take away from the training effect. Stay on the ropes too long and you have arms that feel like Jello early in the workout. So do just a little bit of work at each station but set a timer for 10 minutes. Go back and forth till you hear that ding on your timer. You’ll never look at the rower the same again.
  3. Barbell Complex – The complex is a nasty set of exercises. You can read more about barbell complexes here. In a nutshell, you’ll grab a bar and go through a series of moves without setting the bar down. You’re doing anywhere from 20 to 50 reps without taking a break. Sure, the bare bar by itself feels pretty light, but never setting it down for 2 to 3 minutes makes it feel very, very heavy.
  4. 20 Rep Squat – The 20 rep squat is saved for those clients looking to build muscle mass. Doing this twice a week will cause a huge growth hormone spurt, and will do far more for putting muscle on your arms than endless sets of curls. For clarification, we’re talking about a tough 20 reps – not just bounding up and down with an air squat. Less experienced smaller guys can shoot for 135 lbs for 20, while bigger guys can aim for bodyweight on the bar.

Does your workout need a little zest to it? Try adding a metabolic finisher at the end of your workout. Make sure it’s sensible and doesn’t interfere with the rest of the session- it shouldn’t be longer than 15 minutes. You’ll never look at your workout the same.


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