What in the World is Natural Weight Loss?

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People often talk about natural weight loss. As a health professional, I have to admit that I have never understood what this is supposed to mean. I have this SEO keyword tool for my business, and the term is quite popular; along with “natural weight loss pills” and “natural weight loss diet plan” and “natural weight loss without working out.” I’m not making that last one up.

It seems that the more we throw the term natural onto something, the less native it becomes.  How in the world can there be pills for weight loss deemed natural?  This is what we in the fitness industry define as a gimmick; something different from the norm that has empty promises. Since some people have become burnt out on pills that claim to enhance metabolism (as well as some of these pills containing illegal substances), suppliers and trainers just switch the jargon so the consumer thinks that the product is fresh, new, and more instinctive to how we humans were meant to lose weight.

UEFP is very anti-gimmick: especially since it seems that the only person who benefits from use of said gimmick is the person who created it.  In a nutshell, here is our version of natural weight loss:

Movement: You move according your ability to recover from exercise. This means that you can’t exercise hard if you barely eat anything all day. It also means that you participate in activities that promote a healthy metabolism and slowly build muscle over time; i.e., resistance training, sprints, intervals, and circuit training.

Nutrition: You keep processed food to a minimum, ideally around 15% of your diet. Everyone eats processed food, but it’s a matter of making smart and sensible choices. Brown rice tortillas are somewhat processed; a granola bar is heavily processed. The rest of your food comes from organic, whole food choices. Each meal that you eat literally looks like a rainbow; different colors provide different nutrients.

Recovery: You monitor your stress levels, get adequate sleep, stay hydrated, and do your best to enjoy life.

This is about as real of a “natural weight loss” product as you can get.

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