What’s Happening With Your Novi Personal Trainer

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Want to know what’s happening with your local personal trainer in Novi? Well – a lot!

Since opening our doors this past fall, we’ve worked with several great clients and met a ton of other really cool people in our workshops and corporate seminars. Not only that, but our clients have experienced great results while having fun workouts in a private setting (our studio is one hundred percent private. That means it’s you, your training equipment, and your smart phone to rock out some awesome tunes while you sweat).

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What we’re most proud of is the consistency that our clients experience. On average, each client has lost around 5 pounds a month. Some lose a little less and others lose a bit more. Even if you “try it out” for a month, you’re likely to drop 5 to 10 pounds and get that much closer to your goal weight.

Several months ago we had a young gentleman sign up for our personal training services. Within one month, he had managed to drop 7 pounds! He also learned how to perform a barbell squat along with finally getting strong enough to perform his first ever chin up. If you’re interested in getting stronger while losing some body fat, then UEFP has the approach you need.

I’ve also had the luxury of working with a client who is recovering from a partial knee replacement in both knees. While the first few months were a bit shaky and really tested her patience, she’s now at the point where she’s deadlifting and box squatting over 100 pounds! I consider that a great success and a tribute to our client’s hard work and determination.

I also have to mention the huge response we’ve had from corporate clients looking to help boost morale and improve company wellness. I’ve given some interesting presentations in front of engaged audiences – I usually end up staying 20 to 30 minutes after the lecture to handle questions. The reaction from everyone has been tremendous – especially when the studio first opened and I needed something to help boost my own self confidence.

Well, that’s what is happening inside the doors of UEFP. I hope that reading some of the success stories may help your motivation in reaching your fitness goals. If you feel you need some help, or you want to take your training to the next level, feel free to get more information about your Novi Personal Trainer.


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