Why You’ll Never Find the Best Workout Plan

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Have you been looking for the best workout plan? Well, I’m here to tell you to give it up – you can stop your search right now. Go do something better with your time (after reading this, of course). That’s because the best workout plan doesn’t exist.

Being a personal trainer means giving my clients the bare bones truth when it comes to fitness. It also means bursting a few bubbles here and there. I know, I get it – we all have a friend who swears by some diet and another who claims to have the greatest fitness instructor in the world. But as someone who has helped a lot of people get in shape, you’ll never find success with just one workout plan.

To start, everything will work, just not forever. If you’ve been a lifetime couch potato, just walking here and there will help you get fit. For a while. Then the body begins to adapt and needs more. Usually people will join a gym or begin running. But even then, the gains stop coming. That’s because most people don’t know how to keep their body from adapting. Once the body gets accustomed to your workout, there’s no reason to make any more changes.

Adaptation is the major reason why the best workout plan doesn’t exist. See, exercise is a stressor, and your body tries to respond to the stress by making adjustments. Should it arise again, your body is hoping that it’s better prepared for the situation. In this case our stressor is a workout. So if you run, your heart pumps more blood. Lift weights and your muscles get bigger (hopefully). No matter how hard the workout was, and how great the training plan is, your body will eventually adapt. It’s just how our bodies are designed. This isn’t a bad thing because your workouts should be getting more advanced as your training age increases. If you’ve been running for three years your mile pace should be faster than it was four months ago.

The law of individuality plays a role here too. Everyone has a different makeup. This is why your friend had great results after trying the Zone Diet but nothing changed for you. Some of us do well on low carb diets, while others thrive on them. Some clients need to workout six times a week, while I’ve had some lose 20 pounds just working out two days a week. Get enough people with the same genetics and you can try and claim to have the best workout plan.

All in all, the best workout is the one you’ll stick with. Sure, you’ll have to make small changes over time – once again, you have to force the body to adapt to new stuff – but whatever keeps your mojo flowing is probably the best workout for you. Here’s a guide that can help make sure you’re on point:

-Have an overall goal. This should be at least three months in length. Like, in three months I want to gain 10 pounds of muscle. You can have a long term goal with little subset goals to support your overall agenda. So if you’re just concerned with getting stronger, you could have a goal of adding 20 pounds to your deadlift every 3-4 months for the next 2 years.

-Make small changes week to week. This means adding a rep to a set, adding a quarter mile to a run. Each week the workout should be a little tougher.

-Make major changes every 4-6 weeks. Change from a back squat to a front squat. High reps to low reps. The workout should be focused on the overall goal but not be a carbon copy of what you started with.

Follow these three steps and while you won’t be on the best workout plan ever, it will be still be a pretty good one.

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